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‘Little wonder bean’ may change face of housing

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Make that 2 tons concrete, 4 barrels soy Who knew soy could be used as carpet backing, adhesive, printing ink, industrial cleaner, paint stripper or even roof coating? As part of the growing "Green Building" trend among the nation's home builders, the United Soybean Board set up a booth at the builders' tradeshow in Las Vegas this week to educate people about this renewable resource's industrial uses. Soy is replacing about 20-30 percent of petroleum today and the organization hopes builders will help them push that number even higher. Soy-based products promise to lower energy costs and add about 5-10 years to the life of a roof. With 80 million acres of soybeans in the U.S., the little wonder bean could help lower building costs and raise home sales. –Jessica Swesey What do birds have to do with housing? You may have heard or read last week that Smithsonian Secretary Lawrence M. Small, former Fannie Mae big shot, pleaded guilty to possessing and importing Amazon artifacts...