Encroaching neighbor hinders property improvement

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Dear Barry, My neighbor has a brick shed built against the side of my garage. It encroaches onto my property and prevents me from painting the garage wall. I'd like him to remove it, but he refuses because it was there before I purchased the property two years ago. The city building department sent him a notice, but he won't tear the shed down. What should I do? – Yve Dear Yve, The refusal of neighbors to be fair and equitable is one of the sad realities of the human condition, whether it be on the community, national or international level. But your concerns are practical, not political or philosophical; so let's examine the circumstances and possible solutions. Clearly, your neighbor is trespassing where he has no permission or reasonable rights. On the other hand, you purchased an existing problem, and the number of years it has existed could have a significant legal bearing on the case. For clarification in this regard, you'll need to consult an attorney. The city buil...