Creating a convenient winter home for pets

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When winter hits the area, pet owners are often faced with a dilemma about what to do with their dogs. Many people have mentioned that it would be nice to find a happy medium between leaving a dog inside the house all day or having to leave it out in the cold. Outdoor shelters are one solution, but a warm and dry pen or dog house of adequate size and quality can be expensive and, in some cases, large and unsightly. One solution worth considering is to install a pet door that leads into the garage instead of into the house, and to then construct an enclosure within the garage that keeps the dog safely and comfortably contained. Construction is simple, and quite inexpensive when compared to a quality dog house. Begin the project with a careful plan. Look for an area that's large enough to comfortably contain whatever size dog or dogs you have. It doesn't have to be large – 2 by 3 feet will work for a small dog, and maybe 3 by 4or 5 feet for a larger one. At least one side of th...