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Architectural stereotypes run big in Hollywood

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For Sale: Live-work lofts perfect for hobbit sex parties Hollywood gets into a rut when it comes to architecture. For example, moviemakers tend to love traditional architecture and deplore modernism. The Lord of the Rings movie series is the most blatant example of what type of architecture Hollywood believes symbolizes good, morality and courage and that which typifies evil, bad and the dark side of nature. Communities where the elves, the dwarves and the hobbits live are soft and colorful with traditional designs. Contrast that to the Evil Kingdom of Mordor, which is an ugly polluted city of big block-like high rises. Hollywood fixes on other architectural stereotypes. The suburbs are usually the place for depicting the neurosis of family life, and urban lofts are often the sets for infidelity and wild sex with new partners. Let your chi run free Leave it to a San Francisco assemblyman to propose a resolution that would urge the California Building Standards Commission to...