Timing is key to making a fortune in real estate

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Knowing when to buy, hold and sell property is the key to making a fortune in real estate. For homeowners, however, making a home purchase or sale decision is complicated by the fact that the investment involved is also the place you will call home. To further complicate matters, timing your real estate transaction may be governed by factors beyond your control. Your boss could issue transfer orders at a time when the market is soft. It might not be the best time to sell. Or you could be expecting and discover that you're going to have twins. Before you know it, your two-bedroom home is too small so you decide to move. Perhaps the market is hot and you'll have no trouble selling. But, because the market is hot, you'll pay a premium for your replacement home. The real estate market, like any market, tends to be cyclical. Ideally, you want to buy when the market is low and sell when the market is high. Recently, the real estate market in many areas around the country has been on an ...