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Web site developer captures real estate business

Profile: VREO Software helps salespeople nab leads, turns listing brochure into property spotlight

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What's new on the Web for real estate brokers and salespeople? Who's doing it and how well is it working? Inman News asked Marc Davison, VP of VREO Software in San Luis Obispo, Calif., for the answers. IN: How many years has VREO been in business? VS: Three years. IN: What is your company vision? VS: To further the understanding of what a Web site in 2004 and beyond is supposed to be. The current paradigm underscores a product line laced with so many search engine variables and forms for lead generation that nary a site out there actually helps a client conduct actual business. What further exasperates the issue is Google's retooling of its algorithm and the reality that most online consumers are just too darned concerned about spam to fill out forms to garner simple information. Our vision is to craft a product that moves the user's entire work environment onto an Internet platform, so the ever-increasing Web-based consumer audience can reap a true benefit from its online exper...