Different windows appease different folks

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If you're in the market for new windows, one of the many things you'll have to decide on is the window's configuration – in simple terms, how, or if, it opens and closes. As with most things in building there's no one "right" choice, and each has certain advantages and disadvantages. Fixed: A fixed window, also called a picture window, is one that doesn't operate. As you'd expect, fixed windows are the least expensive configuration, and also the most energy efficient. Sliding: Perhaps the most common of the operable window configurations is the sliding window, which consists of one fixed pane of glass that half the width of the window and a second, movable pane of glass of equal size that slides horizontally across and to the inside of the fixed pane. In larger sliding windows – typically those over about 8 feet in width – there will be a fixed pane in the middle combined with one sliding pane on either side that move horizontally toward the window's center. Sl...