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Bubble to ‘end in tears’

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53-weeks' notice and counting Freddie/Fannie regulator Armando Falcon may hold the record for the longest time served at a job after resigning. This month marks a year since the head of OFHEO alerted President Bush he would leave his post. But the poor guy has had to sweat it out in the wake of Freddie's accounting scandal and testify at dozens of Congressional hearings that essentially were all about what a terrible job his agency has done. His year of hell should be a reminder of what can happen when people in high positions fall asleep at the wheel. –Jessica Swesey Diller: Bubble to 'end in tears' When InterActiveCorp. chief Barry Diller looked into his crystal ball on Monday during an investors'' conference call, he predicted a future for the Internet that included both the success of his online conglomerate and the failure of a lot of other companies. "We're on our way into a new bubble, and bubbles eventually get pricked. To me, that's certain," he said. "Two other co...