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White-collar workers face uncertain future

Distinctive skills will keep U.S. economy competitive

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America must act quickly to stave off the exodus of white-collar jobs to foreign countries, according to an article in the latest issue of Across the Board, The Conference Board's bimonthly magazine. "For corporate America as a whole, if CEOs needed any more incentive to pay more attention to long-range planning and encourage entrepreneurial thinking within organizations, the offshoring trend should provide a convincing kick in the pants," said Matthew Budman, managing editor of Across The Board and author of the article, which quotes a variety of management experts. Management Guru Tom Peters is not especially optimistic about what choices U.S. companies will make or even about the prospects for those companies' survival. Peters said: "I think we're entering a 50-, 60-, 70-, 80-year period of instability, where I can well imagine the great American economy being surpassed by the Chinese or the Indians. The certainty is gone, which suggests that workers don't have that long to screw...