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Housing problems haunt Americans

But Bush plan may cut 250,000 vouchers in 2005

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Nearly 65 million low-income people–24 percent of the entire U.S. population–are experiencing housing problems, including cost burdens, substandard conditions, overcrowding or homelessness, according to a report released Thursday from the National Low Income Housing Coalition. The most common housing problem is cost burden, with 55.5 million low-income people paying more than 30 percent of income towards housing, according to "America's Neighbors: The Affordable Housing Crisis and the People it Affects." Of all Americans, 95 million–a full one-third of the population–have one or more housing problem. Of these people, 43.6 million have incomes below $25,000. This compares to 41 million Americans without health insurance in 2001, 14.5 million of whom have incomes below $25,000. People with extremely low incomes (30 percent or below of the area median income) have the most severe housing problems: 73.7 percent of all extremely low-income households are cost b...