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REI Data launches Listing Checker

New service scans MLS listings for errors, alerts poster to irregularities

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REI Data Inc., a subsidiary of Stewart Information Services Corp. (NYSE: STC), today announced the rollout of Listing Checker, a new service that aims to enhance the data quality of MLS systems. Listing Checker helps MLS systems check the data in listings for irregularities and missing information. Such information includes missing or incorrect addresses or a tax identification number not matching the property, as well as information that should not be included in remarks sections, such as phone numbers and "call first" instructions. If missing or extraneous information is found, an e-mail is sent to the person who posted the listing with items that need to be corrected. Listing Checker checks listings posted each night and also re-verifies modified listings. "It is important for our MLS data to be consistent and accurate. If it is not, Realtors have to spend time tracking down correct information and consumers may not be getting complete information," said Tom Abbate, senior vice ...