Special mixes for concrete fixes

Quick-setting cement ideal for repairing curbs, walls

Every do-it-yourselfer is familiar with prepackaged concrete mix and the many uses this product has for everything from small concrete slabs to setting fence posts. But there are also a number of other concrete formulations available by the sack or bucket that make quick and easy work of a wide variety of concrete patching and repair tasks all around your home and yard. VINYL CONCRETE Vinyl concrete is specially formulated for patching and resurfacing existing concrete, smoothing out rough areas and repairing mortar joints. It trowels on very smoothly on concrete, stone, brick and other masonry surfaces, and can be used for both horizontal and vertical repairs. Clean the repair area thoroughly to remove dirt, dust, flaking concrete and other foreign material that will hinder the bond. Leave the area damp, but with no standing water. In a wheelbarrow, mixing tub or other container, pour out the dry vinyl concrete mix. Add clean water, mix, allow to stand for several minutes and the...