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Broker’s coddled child should get real job

Favored treatment risks agent antagonism at family firm

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Dear Real Estate Ethicist, I just joined my mother's real estate firm, where there are 10 agents. My mom, being my mom, gave me a nice desk, a new computer monitor (the other agents have old ones) and some choice leads. I feel awkward about it all, but I also have a lifestyle to support and I figure my mom can do whatever she wants. Hey, she built the company. This is a family asset, right? –Coddled but confused Dear Coddled, It may not be a family asset for long if your mom gives you favored treatment that other agents, who have worked there a long time, begin to notice. Do yourself a favor, go out and do something on your own. It will be good for you and for your mom. You can always join the firm later when you have a few scars on that pampered lifestyle of yours. –Real Estate Ethicist Got a question for the Ethicist? Send it to *** Send a Letter to the Editor for publication.Send a comment or news tip to our newsroom. Please include the headl...