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Advice for the Rookie Realtor

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Editor's note: The outpouring of support and ridicule of the Rookie Realtor overwhelmed the Inman News letterbox. Here is a taste. Dear Rookie, Go get a regular job where a boss will tell you exactly what to do, then do it and get paid each week. Are you insane? A popular definition of insanity these days is to do the same (ineffective) thing over and over and expect different results. There are plenty of common-sense marketing systems that successful agents use to obtain clients and customers. Talk to successful agents about theirs. Sales managers often fall into the same category as that old, derogatory saying about teachers: "Those who can't do, teach." Once you latch onto clients and customers, treat each one as if they are the best and only ones you have. If they are unrealistic in their expectations, tell them so. Then spend the rest of your career living off of referrals. And take time for your family. You'll gain more respect from your clients, customers, peers, family ...