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Advice for the Rookie Realtor

Short newsletter gets foot in the door

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Re: 'The Rookie Realtor' (March 1) Dear Rookie, I suspect your training taught you to come across as a bit too eager. People I've met say they find that a turnoff. My own methods were based on my tendency toward shyness, but they worked fairly well, so here goes. Aside from taking floor time and doing occasional Sunday opens for other agents (or with them), my first real prospecting consisted of the following: I wrote a newsletter, quite short, printed and mailed it myself. I focused on things that would be useful to homeowners and kept it simple but not "stupid-sounding." In other words, I made sure I wasn't insulting anyone's intelligence. I followed up by walking my farm. When an adult answered the door, I introduced myself, handed them my card and asked if they had received my newsletter. Also asked if they had any comments on what was useful and what else they'd like to see. (If they looked like they would be willing to talk for a minute.) I always smiled but always kept it ...