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The Rookie Realtor

We viewed more than 50 houses, but nothing would please them

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I've only been in real estate for six months and I still haven't closed a deal, but I'm learning a little more every week. Not all of the lessons are good. One is that serious buyers are outnumbered by lookie-loos and downright weirdos by a margin of about 3-to-1. Another is that while some veteran agents will do everything they can to help a rookie Realtor get started, others seemingly go out of their way to make a newcomer's job more difficult. Do your colleagues in real estate help or hurt you? Click here. First, about buyers: I've heard that some are very bright and ready to do anything they can to purchase a home. But almost all the buyers I have dealt with so far have had such unrealistic expectations that they shouldn't waste their time (not to mention the time of a Realtor) even looking at houses or condos. Shortly after I got my real estate license last fall, I spent six straight weekends showing property to a young couple who wanted to buy their first home. They had bee...