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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a house!

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Nothing bugs veteran airline pilot Tom Bennington more than having to tear apart an airplane. That's why he's transforming Boeing 727s into practical living spaces. Yes, that's right–living spaces, as in homes. His next airplane home is for sale auction-style on eBay until tomorrow, through power seller Don Peters, owner of "I wasn't sure if this was real," Peters said he thought when he first discovered Bennington's invention. He's been selling the homes on eBay for Bennington for the past year. "I've sold three so far, and the first one should be erected this spring or summer," Peters said. Each airplane home costs about $285,000. Bennington's company, Max Power Aerospace, buys the plane and ships it to its final destination. The engines, landing gear and flight controls are removed. The company then will send an architect or general contractor to survey, inspect and secure permits for installation on the site. The planes arrive empty and the ne...