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Advice for the Rookie Realtor

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Re: 'The Rookie Realtor: Do you want fries with that?' (March 15) Dear Rookie, I thought your column was a joke, so I responded in kind. How could I possibly believe your whining was for real! Now it's clear to me. You really do need to get out of the business. Marlow C. Harris Coldwell Banker Bain Associates Seattle, Wash. Dear Rookie, Your article is very funny and well-written. I, also, over the years, have dealt with many negative people in our business. When I come across one of them I simply say to myself "this person is very sad and must be having a hard time with life." I feel that these types of people want to "bring you down to their level," and most of them are just plain jealous of you for some unknown reason. Maybe your freshness and excitement irritates them. Most of these people aren't successful people, and their opinions don't matter anyway. Just check the MLS for their production and that sometimes gives you a clue! Lisa Bowser-Hanas Century 21 All Profes...