When should I consider a lease-option?

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"Why do so many home buyers want to buy with a lease-option, but few home sellers want to sell on a lease-option?" That question was recently asked by a student in my college real estate law class. "Because home buyers realize the lease-option benefits more than home sellers do," was my quick reply. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Having bought and sold houses for more than 25 years with lease-options, I then shared some of the benefits for both buyers and sellers. I hastened to explain lease-options aren't right for every situation, but they work beautifully for both buyer and seller in the proper circumstances. WHAT IS A LEASE-OPTION? A lease with option to purchase is a combination rental, sales and finance technique. Car dealers understand the benefits very well. Reportedly, more than 50 percent of new cars are now leased, with the renter having an option to buy at the end of the lease term. If lease-options work so well to increase car sales, why don't they have wider use...