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Real estate agent builds credibility on cable TV

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When Darryl Baskin started out in real estate 16 years ago in Broken Arrow, Okla., he had an unusual problem. He was only 19 years old, and he looked so young that when he went out to show properties he was often mistaken for his customer's son. The way he overcame his challenge holds a lesson for any real estate agent: he created a name for himself via television. Baskin realized that what he lacked, given his youth, was credibility, so he decided to develop a weekly real estate news show for a local cable television station. "I needed to create an image that differentiated me from the pack. I realized that, if I could just get on TV and have the credibility that medium offered, I could begin to change people's minds," he said in a recent Star Power Club interview. Baskin purchased air time for his show. He went with cable TV because it was cheaper than the network stations, yet still provided a large enough audience for his services. He pulled together sponsors to pay for his exp...