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Liniger considers run for U.S. Senate

RE/MAX founder may campaign for Colorado seat

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RE/MAX founder Dave Liniger will be headed to Washington, D.C., next week, and if all systems are go, he might decide to make the U.S. capital city his home. He's seriously considering whether to run for a seat to represent his home state of Colorado in the U.S. Senate. Liniger said he will make his decision sometime in the next two weeks after he discusses the matter with his family and business associates. The decision may come down to the choice between a life of leisurely excitement or a hard-working second career in politics. "I have spent my entire life building RE/MAX. The company runs itself, and for the past several years I have been trying to fly balloons around the world and drive race cars and that sort of thing. The real consideration is am I willing to put in the passion, time and commitment and work 18 hours a day at a new career in Washington versus enjoying the fruits of what I've succeeded at up to this point," he said. Liniger has discussed the possibility of a...