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Tax law offers niche for Realtors

Investment property exchanges represent realty opportunity

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It took a tax law to bring real estate and securities brokers together, though securities law is what's keeping them–at least some of them–at arm's length. The unlikely "pairing" of securities and real estate professionals is common in 1031 TIC tax-deferred exchanges, in which property owners sell property, such as a rental home or apartment building, in exchange for a share in the passive ownership of a larger property, such as a shopping mall or office park. The real estate community is expressing a growing interest in these transactions, which inherently require the sale and repurchase of property. While real estate agents play an integral role in the transactions, federal law prevents commission-sharing and other types of fee arrangements between securities brokers and real estate brokers. Most professionals working in the TIC-exchange industry would agree that under federal securities law, most–if not all–TIC exchanges are considered to be securities, ...