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16 ways to cope with a slower housing market

Opinion: Don't keep all those oh-so-fragile eggs in one risky basket

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Interest rates are higher, home sales may slip lower and new unemployment claims last week dropped to the lowest level in three years. Will good news for the economy turn the housing market into a rotten egg? Either way, there's no harm in being prepared. Here's a handy list of 16 ways to get ready in case the market takes a dive: 1. Learn. A less hectic housing market gives salespeople time to catch up on post-license continuing education classes and professional development seminars. Take a class. Earn a designation–or maybe even get that long-postponed bachelor's or master's degree. 2. Network. More Realtors chasing fewer home sales means more competition for listings and ready-to-transact buyers. Networking can net more business opportunities, including more prospects and more referrals. 3. Market. Don't make the classic business error of curtailing marketing just when marketing is most necessary. Spruce up that Web site. Pop those postcards in the mail....