How are real estate purchase offers presented?

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Recently four offers were made on a home in Oakland, Calif. Three of the offers were presented directly to the sellers and their agent by the buyer's agents. The fourth offer was simply faxed to the listing agent. This buyer's agent wasn't available to represent her client's best interests. She didn't even bother to speak to the listing agent before faxing the offer. As you might expect, the faxed offer was rejected. How an offer is presented to a seller can do a lot to affect the outcome. Sellers usually feel more comfortable accepting an offer if they are confident that the buyers are qualified to perform and eager to close the transaction. If the buyer's agent presents the buyer's offer in person, the seller has the opportunity to gather information that could influence a positive decision. A faxed presentation, on the other hand, is far less personal. At the least, the buyer's agent should stand by for a conference-call presentation. Make sure before your offer is presented that...