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Web searchers like two-word phrases

Survey helps Webmasters capture traffic from search engines

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Join 4,000 real estate pros at Connect SF, Aug 7‑11, 2017, an Amsterdam-based provider of intelligence Web analytics, has reported that most people use two-word phrases in search engines.   A survey of search phrases world wide found 32 percent of people use two-word phrases, 26 percent use three-word phrases and 19 percent use a one-word phrase. More people now use three-word phrases instead of a one-word phrase. The global usage of two-word phrases has increased more than 3 percent from 29 percent in April 2003 while the use of a one-word phrase has decreased nearly 6 percent from 25 percent a year ago.    "Search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo can drive a lot of traffic to a Web site. It is important that a webmaster or search engine optimization expert knows what kind of search phrases they have to use to drive more traffic to a site," said Niels Brinkman, co-founder of   The study found just slightly more than 2 percent of the people used six-word search phrases and only a scant 1 percen...