‘The Donald’ imparts real estate success

Trump's 'how to get rich' is really a real estate book

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Having read and reviewed one real estate book each week for the last 26 years, I thought it might be a stretch to call Donald Trump's latest book "Trump: How to Get Rich" a real estate book. But that's what it really is. Without his real estate, Trump would be a nobody and you never would have heard of him. Although the book title might be a slight exaggeration, the book is filled with sage advice in short semi-chapters from a master who has parlayed his gutsy start into a multibillion-dollar real estate empire. Trump chose his parents well. Mary and Fred Trump gave him a great start in real estate. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. But "The Donald" built upon his father's realty development foundation of constructing modest Brooklyn apartments when, after graduating from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, he moved to Manhattan and began his career by renovating the old Commodore Hotel at Grand Central Station. Today, it is the Grand Hyatt. ...