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Developer master-plans 9,000-acre community in Houston

Rouse to turn ranchlands into Bridgelands

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HOUSTON -- Oil and cattle have long been the money makers on the Texas prairie. But sides of beef and barrels of crude can't match the revenues the Rouse Co. expects to reap with its formula for producing profits from the prairie. Rouse aims to prove once again that Texas ranches can become gushers of income by making them into master-planned communities. Rouse is combining two ranches on the far northwestern exurbia Houston to create a 9,000-acre project called Bridgelands. Well over a billion dollars worth of new construction will rise of the Bridgelands prairie over the next 20 years or so. In short, Bridgelands will generate the kind of revenues that television's J.R. Ewing never dreamed about for his South Fork Ranch. When it is finally finished, Bridgelands will be the location of an estimated 20,000 single-family homes, apartment complexes, shopping centers, office buildings, golf courses, schools and houses of worship. About one-tenth of the land, about 1,000 acres will be set ...