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Re: 'Rookie Realtor: Newbie releases tax return' (April 26) Dear Rookie: Please send me your direct mailing address or one that will get the mail to you, and I will send you free copies of Designware for Landscape ($600 retail); Designware for Pools (retail another $600); Maureen Gilmers "Garden Maker" ($70 retail); Kitty Bartholomew's "Home Designer" ($70 retail); plus custom corporate programs for landscape lighting, fencing, street lighting, siding...If you don't make use of the programs as a Realtor, you can be successful selling remodeling projects to homeowners with your new laptop... John TiltonDesign Imaging Group Inc. Dear Rookie: I don't have any advice for you, but I do have a question. First, my situation: I've just completed my pre-licensing class at the local junior college. I'm waiting on my grade, so I can then take the state licensing exam (Illinois). Since I'm soon to be a "rook" myself; I was wondering, if you don't get some income soon, how much longer do you pla...