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Coach teaches the art of real estate preparation

Barb Schwarz turns staging into business, designation, association

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There's no business like show business, except perhaps when it comes to the business of showing homes. With a background in theater, Barb Schwarz saw the parallels between stage productions and preparing homes for sale after she embarked on a career in real estate in 1972. "One day I was talking to an owner. I said, 'Do you like the theater?'" Schwarz said."She said, 'I love the theater.' I said, 'When you go to the theater, they set the stage.'" And there it was. Take a survey on home-staging. "Your home is like the set," Schwarz said. "I can be the director, and you can be the actor." The home was the stage. The buyers and the agents were the critics. Schwarz said the seller "just really lit up" when she explained the home-sale preparation process in those terms. After that, Schwarz coined the phrase "Staging the home for sale," received a federally registered trademark for the home-preparation concept of "stage" and "staging," started the "Staging Life With Barb" radio program, cr...