Home-buying spouse escapes creditors, risks investment

Is wife protected if her name is not on home title?

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DEAR BOB: My husband and I married about eight months ago. Shortly thereafter, we bought a wonderful house together. Well, that's not quite correct. I had bad credit before marriage, so the mortgage broker advised taking title in my husband's name alone (he has great income and excellent credit). At the closing, the title company made me sign a quit claim deed so I would have no interest in the house that my creditors could attach. Because my husband made a $100,000 cash down payment on our house, is there any way I can protect my interests in case anything happens to my husband? – Annie W. DEAR ANNIE: Let me get this straight. You have such bad credit the title insurance company insisted you sign a quit claim deed because they were worried your creditors would attach your interest in the home if you took title as a co-owner. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Now, eight months later, you want to protect your "interests" in the house to which you contributed nothing, yet you app...