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Rookie Realtor does not get it

Guest perspective: 'Do you have to be black to be offended at racism?'

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This is the second time I've written to you (Rookie Realtor), and the last time was to blast you for your impression that ethics and professional standards were "just guidelines." This time I don't want to blast you, but I think you're missing the whole concept around the idea of steering.While it is difficult for us to understand today, people who thought that minorities should not live with the white majority often felt that way because they believed it was "better for all involved" if groups of different races or religions lived in separate areas. Champions of segregation rationalized their actions and thought of themselves as good, charitable, ethical people. The law says that no one, other than the potential purchaser, has the right to steer anyone to any specific sections because of their race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or physical challenges. What you call the crime, "Suggesting to a gay couple that they 'might feel more comfortable' if they focused th...