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Rookie fans reader flames

'How long for this farce of Gomer Pyle/Forrest Gump'?

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Re: 'Rookie Realtor spouse speaks out' (May 10) Dear Editor: How long are you going to keep this farce of Gomer Pyle/Forrest Gump caricature "Rookie" alive? You've milked it for all it is worth. Bury it! John Alexander Dear Editor: And your point is? Frustration aside, it seems that either the sales manager or broker at the spouse's office has not been approached so that this Rookie could be guided (I have not had the time to read all the rookies letters, if that has been done, sorry), or this endeavor is just not the rookie's cup of tea. Time for everyone to move on. Renée PageRE/MAX of Santa ClaritaCalifornia Dear Editor: I believe the Rookie Realtor does not exist. This is a contrived column/feature to drive more traffic to the site. I cannot believe that someone can be as frustrating, inept, absent of common sense and the like, and be part of the same national organization that I belong. Now a pretend wife is involved. I'd like to hear from his parents, children, and his bro...