Leaky doors get a rainy-day fix

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Q: We live in a condo with several sliding patio doors. Each door has a fixed outer sash and an inner sash that slides on an inside track. When there is a powerful storm, the wind blows a lot of rainwater from the sill outside the sliding sash into the half of the track inside the fixed sash and then onto the floor of the room. A window expert has looked at our doors and says the vinyl seals are in place and nothing further can be done, except to tape or seal the bottoms of the sashes when a storm occurs. This is a poor solution because it isn't permanent and must be done before each storm. Are you aware of any other measure we can employ to stop the water from coming in? A: By your description, your window expert looked at the glazing and the vinyl stops holding the windows in the frame. It may be that the problem in your leaky doors lies elsewhere. And the good news is that if we are right, it's an easy fix. This is quite likely a weather stripping problem. Patio doors ar...