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Offers pending on three homes

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Wow, what a weekend! Between Friday morning and Sunday afternoon, I wrote not one, not two, but three offers on different properties for my clients. Now comes the hard part: Waiting to see what happens next. I'm sure many veteran agents probably wouldn't be impressed with what I've accomplished in the past 72 hours. One of the top-producers in my own office recently wrote six offers in a single day, and four of the six were eventually accepted. But for me, just writing the three offers made me feel a whole lot better about myself and my career prospects, especially because my spouse suggested in this column last week that I should quit the real estate business because I haven't closed a single deal since I obtained my real estate license last fall. I'm literally praying that at least one of the offers I wrote will be accepted, so I can move from the couch back into the bedroom. Oh, I almost forgot–my buyers would like to have their offers accepted, too. The market I work ...