Pet resumes newest trend in lease negotiations

Tenants go extra mile to get landlords to ease furry-friend restrictions

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Natalie Youn is in love. Her darling Maltese puppy has silky white hair and big brown eyes, whose hobbies include long walks in the park, playing fetch and chewing on slippers. What should Natalie do if she wants to have her true love, a Golden Retriever, move into her apartment? Depends on her landlord and the rental situation. What type of pet is best? If the lease specifies "no pets" what's the best way to convince the landlord to let a dog join the household. What are the rights of the elderly and disabled? Before picking a dog, get a collar on personality types. Every breed is known for its temperament, some more calm, others more energetic. For example, Dalmatians and Golden Retrievers love running, being high-energy sorts, and are not usually suggested as apartment dwellers. Maltese dogs, a small fluffy puff of white usually weighing less than 10 pounds, are considered by many as fine apartment dogs. A good resource for information can be found at or throu...