Buy real estate without touching pocketbook

Advanced 'nothing down' methods explained in new book

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If you are a serous real estate investor, or want to be, "Investing in Real Estate with Other People's Money" by Jack Cummings will be challenging and profitable reading. But don't be misled by the title. The book is not about investing other people's money in real estate for them. Instead, it is about investing in your real estate for nothing down. The definition of nothing down means little or no cash from the buyer's pocket is put into purchasing the property. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. The advanced nothing-down techniques explained by longtime realty investor Jack Cummings can be used by home buyers, mom-and-pop investors, and even big-time professional investors. However, many of these 43 no-down-payment techniques are not easy to understand. Even after reading several chapters two or three times, I'm not sure I really understand. For example, I had trouble understanding the "split-fund transaction" chapter, and the "grand pyramid" chapter. But after several readings,...