Real estate benefits minimized by family tenant

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DEAR BOB: For several years I have owned a townhouse as an investment. About a year ago, my tenant moved out. When I foolishly mentioned this to my brother, age 34, he asked if he could move in. I stupidly agreed. Now I realize that was a major mistake. We didn't discuss the rent or my expenses for the mortgage, insurance, homeowner association dues, and repairs. My brother isn't mentally retarded, as he graduated from high school. But I think he's just very lazy. He passed the post office exam to become a mail carrier or a window clerk. But when he was offered a job, he turned it down because the postal work would be "too boring." Instead, he works as a part-time "bag boy" at a supermarket. He's very handsome and charming so I suspect he earns excellent cash tips for helping the rich little old ladies to their cars with their groceries. But he says he can only afford to pay me $300 per month rent. However, my monthly total expenses are more than $1,100. When I had my 2003 income tax r...