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Alexis McGee makes most of real estate foreclosure

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Alexis McGee, president of, will speak at Real Estate Connect, presented in San Francisco July 28-30. Panel at Connect: Mortgage Track – Breakout 4: Default management–innovations in property disposition 1. What are your current or childhood nicknames? Lex, Lecco, and my favorite...Sexy Lexy 2. Which daily newspaper do you read and which section of the newspaper do you read first? I love to read online during a break at work. My favorite news sites are:,,,,, 3. What's the most unusual thing you've ever packed in a suitcase? Many years ago, when we were under a "tight budget," we still vacationed in Hawaii. Our way of saving money was to not spend $7 per cocktail. So, our compromise was to pack our blender and rum from Costco, and buy local fruit from roadside stands. 4. What kind of music do you listen to? Depending on my mood, it's R&B, World Beat, disco or Sm...