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Web revolutionizes real estate business

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The Internet has revolutionized the way the majority of Inman News readers conduct their real estate business, according to the results of an online survey. Mary Warren, a Realtor in Las Vegas, said the majority of her business today comes from Internet leads. "I found and sold to several different buyers, and also did a couple of referrals long before 10 years ago by visiting chat boards, etc., and keeping my eyes open for someone interested in buying and selling...The Internet has been my lifeline since the early '90s," she said. Cary Garnet of Harmon Homes noted the changing role of the real estate agent due to the Internet. Garnet believes agents soon will become "online marketing specialists." "The way things are going, the entire real estate transaction will be done online," Garnet said. Finding homes online and applying for a mortgage are already common. Not far in the future, buyers will be able to buy mortgage and homeowners insurance online, set up an escrow account, w...