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Advice for the Rookie Realtor

'Desire to overcome' equals success

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Re: 'Rookie Realtor bummed by 'buyers' remorse' (June 15) Dear Rookie: Quit?...Would you want your Realtor to quit? Winners look adversity in the eye and barge through it. The one common ingredient in every successful person is the desire to overcome when everyone says no. Turn your frustration into motivation. Convert your perspiration into inspiration. You are at a crossroad not in your career but in your life. You have equity in your career, now cash it in. Your future customers will be impressed by your tenacity and further propel you to a great level of success. This can only happen on one condition: you have to believe in yourself. Remember if you quit, you will not be saying no to your real estate career, you will be saying no to something much more costly–your will to win!...Hang in there. Scott EinbinderEinbinder Consulting GroupManalapan, N.J. Dear Rookie: I am a second-year rookie. My first year I sold $4 million worth of real estate. You need to call people you kn...