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Hot housing market draws opera singers, engineers

Part 3: America is drunk on real estate

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Editor's note: The hottest housing boom in U.S. history has resulted in a newfound obsession with real estate. Home listings information is everywhere, home television shows have exploded, and everyone's talking about the sale price of their neighbor's house. This three-part series examines the trend, what is behind it and what it all means. (See Part 1:There's no escape from real estate and Part 2: Online home listings fetch millions of eyeballs.) One person worked at Disney. Another sang opera. Yet another has multiple degrees in engineering and last worked for Safeway. There's also the owner of a public relations firm and the artist who also owned an event planning company. The common thread? They're all real estate agents now and all are relatively new to the field. The real estate boom over the past few years has brought a flood of new real estate agents to the industry. They've come from diverse backgrounds, some with relevant experience, but many without. They have...