Research shows RESPA reform could cut $225 from average loan closing
Jan 4
Consumer awareness of alternative commission structure increasing
Dec 31
Pace of acquisitions could speed up next year
Dec 30
Home detectives uncover history in houses, neighborhoods
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Housing market outpaces economists' original predictions
Dec 27
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Part 2: 2005 Real Estate Forecast
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Phishing scams cost industry more than $200 million this year
Dec 8
Part 2: Real estate digs deeper to harvest Internet leads
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Site details fraud schemes from around the country
Dec 2
Report details OFHEO's efforts to pursue Fannie Mae
Nov 23
NAR handouts focus on RESPA compliance, referral fees
Nov 18
Focuses on borrower identity, property characteristics
Nov 17
Lenders threaten to pull out of Massachusetts
Nov 16
Markets brace for slowdown, return to normalcy
Nov 15
Tough reform of housing enterprises may be in store
Nov 11
Real estate rates remain low, but 10-year Treasury headed up
Nov 10
Improving B2B channel should be priority, report argues
Nov 9
Realty panelists comment on offering ancillary services
Nov 5