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Re: 'Rookie Realtor doing 'floor time'' (July 6) Dear Rookie: I am a broker of the fastest-growing RE/MAX company in southeast Michigan. I have recruited mostly seasoned agents who have been attracted to me for my success as a longtime Realtor. I now have more than 60 agents and coach them, as well as service my existing client base with the help of my four-member team. I have been a broker/owner for three years but started as an agent at age 21 and am now 35 years old. I have not made less than $200,000 in commissions since I was 25 or 26 years old. I put a lot of hours in meeting the right people and attracting the rest. Enough said to build credibility for you... ADVICE: 1. Treat this biz as a game. 2. Focus on the deals, properties and the people, and not the money. 3. REMEMBER: I have always said, "If you take care of enough people then you will be taken care of." I have heard it similarly stated that if you give enough people what they want then you can get what you want. 4....