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Rookie Realtor scores online tips

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Editor's note: In a new online chat forum called Rookie Talk, the Rookie Realtor asks for advice from colleagues. Here's the latest snippet from the Rookie's desk: Rookie Realtor asked: Many thanks for all the great feedback from you all about how to drive traffic to my new Web site. I have another question: Other than listings and biographical data, what other types of information should I put on it? What kind of information do you put on your site that generates lots of leads, or at least "hits"? Thanks! Jim Lee, Realty Executives Associates, Knoxville, Tenn., said: Buyers (and sellers) are looking for information relevant to them, not necessarily information about you. Put yourself in their place. You live in one city and just got word from the company you're transferring to or you're getting ready for retirement and are looking for a new city to move to. First of all, these buyers want to see ALL the Realtor listings for an area, not just yours, not just your company's, but ALL t...