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Advice for the Rookie Realtor

Focus less on Web site, more on Internet advertising

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Editor's note: The Rookie Realtor last month took the online plunge and set up a Web site to attract more prospects. However, the newbie's site has attracted only one customer since then. Some colleagues offered advice on what the Rookie might do to get more clicks. Dear Rookie: I'm sorry but the Rookie's story about creating a Web site then waiting for visitors had me laughing out loud. It's the most common issue with agents: "Get a pretty/cool/full-featured site and they will come!" Beep! Wrong answer! The Internet is a communications medium, not a marketplace. Building a Web site is not like opening a store in the mall. Building a Web site is like creating an ad or a brochure. Unless you put the ad in a newspaper or the brochure in people's hands, you've wasted your money. The Web should rightly be considered an advertising medium. This means every dollar you spend should be measured against return on investment, and also by how much consumer traffic and consumer leads you receiv...