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Re: 'Rookie Realtor lost in cyberspace' (July 13) Dear Rookie: If I were a buyer or seller, why would I want to go to your Web site? Have you given me any reason to go to it? Do I even know it exists? Where would I have seen you market your Web site? Remember: W.I.F.M. (what's in it for me?). The client's concern is just that. They need a reason, some motivation, some information they can get...before they enter your Web site. And before they even get that far, they need to first see your Web site, along with "reasons" to get right on the 'Net to view your site. Larry Mekus Mekus Team Real EstateCalifornia Dear Rookie: As a Web designer in Toronto working with Realtors and mortgage brokers (and having had my own Web design company for eight years), I am familiar with some of the Rookie Realtor's questions about promoting his Web site. The process of getting your site seen on search engines like Google and Yahoo! is not instantaneous – it takes some work, but the results are wo...