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Advice for the Rookie Realtor

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Re: 'Rookie Realtor lost in cyberspace' (July 13) Dear Rookie: Congratulations on your new Web site! I have some suggestions for you. I have managed to get my Web site into the first page of nearly every search engine by using a few tricks. Very, very carefully choose keyword combinations and sign up for Google pay-per-click AdWords service. Lock down the price per day you can afford so you are not overwhelmed with unnecessary costs. Restrict the ad display to exact keyword matches to avoid being listed on seemingly relevant cross-sites that increase your click-through traffic without increasing customers. I have a very small, specialized client base, so I have had to be careful of whom my ads target. Religiously track your results. I have a very comprehensive list of search engines; just ask and I will send you my MSExcel tracking system. Google AdWords cross-advertises on many search engines. I understand there is another pay-per-click service as well, but my results with Google h...