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Privacy: Real Estate's Achilles Heel

Editor's note: Tomorrow in Inman News, we'll publish the first of a three-part series on privacy and real estate. Find out what the Patriot Act means for your business, what other companies in the industry are doing about privacy and how to protect yourself and your business. The average real estate transaction involves mounds of personal data: tax records, employment history, credit reports, marital status, financial records, current and past residence addresses, rent receipts and criminal records. Then there is school data, crime data, property listing data, property record data, real estate license data and much, much more, all of which lays the foundation of the home search, loan hunt and number crunching that goes into the average home sale. Making this data available to private parties, the government and the public makes for a smoother home sale, but it also means our personal privacy is inherently being invaded by the act of spreading it around. In this series, our Inman New...