Tips for eradicating mildew

Landlord, tenant trade-offs lower cleanup costs

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Q: We own a 12-unit apartment building in San Francisco near the Golden Gate Bridge. One of the units has a mildew problem. This apartment is on the top floor and has a north/northwest exposure. There has been a mildew problem ever since the current tenant moved in five years ago. The unit is about 750 square feet and is filled with enough furniture to fill a house. There are easily 75 pictures and wall hangings. The windows are never opened and the heater is on constantly. When in this apartment I have noticed severe condensation on the windows with moisture running down the glass. The blinds are never opened, so no sunlight or air is ever let in. The question: Could this situation be causing the mildew? A: Yes. Mold and mildew flourish in warm, dark and damp climates. A cluttered top-floor apartment, facing north/northwest, near the bay, kept at a constant warm temperature without sufficient air circulation and light, produces a microclimate ideal for growing mold and mildew...