Spice rack solves home storage problems

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Root around in the clutter of bottles and boxes under your kitchen sink and you'll realize that, in most houses, storage for household items gets much less attention than storage for clothes. You wouldn't be willing to crawl around on all fours to get to your favorite sweater, yet most of us do this all the time to get to Mr. Clean. It's a rare architect that provides handy space for such items. If you're waiting for me to claim that my house is an exception, forget it. As a bachelor architect designing my own digs, leaving room for Duz and Cascade was pretty much at the bottom of the priorities list. Marriage quickly disabused me of that notion, and ever since I've been obliged to pay penance by remedying my home's pitiful lack of storage. Since expansion is not an option, I've had to find ways to squeeze more use out of what little space I have. My first foray in this direction was a humble little spice rack, which I mounted to the back of a cabinet door. This worked so well that I...